candi|d. images of serial number 1051.

Wheels built for official 1221 dealer:



0660 AP1 Apex | Forged Monoblock Concave


Monoblock: Ceramic Silver


Front & Rear: 21×10.5


Audi SQ5 80A


Not Applicable

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Apex Edition as shown in Ceramic Silver also available in


Proprietary, 6061-T6


1-Piece, 2-Piece, 3-piece


AP3L, AP1, AP3C, AP2

AP1 Configuration as shown in Ceramic Silver also available in


Concave, Shallow


20″, 21″, 22″


Apex, Touring


 9.0”, 10.5”, 12.0”, 12.5”

Apex Edition

The 1221 Apex edition represents the pinnacle of wheel design. Apex offers our most advanced wheel technology, material usage, and technological design innovations and is specifically designed for supercars and exotics. Undercut hub and assembly flanges remove excess material in areas most manufacturers ignore. Full backpad lightening pockets remove additional weight and are included standard. The Apex edition also includes a unique 3D center cap and additional logo cuts for a more technical look.

AP1 Configuration

The 1221 AP1 configuration is our one-piece monoblock wheel. We wanted to innovate, but how do you advance the monoblock wheel beyond the current state of the art? Use a better material. The AP1 configuration is available in both Apex and Touring editions, and each is made using a new proprietary aluminum alloy that is 20% stronger than traditional 6061-T6 aerospace grade forged aluminum. This proprietary alloy is stronger, but doesn’t introduce any brittle material characteristics, which is a known problem with both magnesium alloy and 7000 series aluminum alloy wheels. Using this new material allows us to include innovative design features to save weight while increasing strength. The AP1 configuration offers material characteristics perfect for adding performance to supercars and exotics, as well as adding strength for heavier sport sedans and SUV’s.